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2009 Heiden M.; (2009)
“Vibration Investigation of existing Railway Viaducts in Austria”
Proceedings EVACES-Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland, pp.235-236

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“Vibration Investigation of Traffic Sign Bridges and Toll Gantrys in Austria”
Proceedings of the 3rd International Operational Modal Analysis Conference (IOMAC 2009), May 4-6, Portonovo (Ancona), Italy, pp.567-575

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Vibration measurement of steel & concrete bridges in Austria
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Response of a High Speed train Bridge under the extreme event of a passing train and an earthquake
Proceedings IABSE Symposium Lisbon, Portugal

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Vibration measurements on small to medium single-span railway bridges
Proceedings EVACES-Symposium, Bordeaux, France, pp563-570

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Vibration Investigation of Single Span Steel Bridges
Proceedings EVACES-Symposium, Bordeaux, France, pp271-278

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“Numerical and experimental evaluation of existing single-span concrete railway viaducts in Austria”
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2005 Heiden M., Da Silva L.S.,Pircher M.., Pircher H ,
“Dynamic Behaviour of Steel Trussed Railway Bridges due to the Passage of High Speed Trains”
Eurosteel 2005, Maastricht

2004 Heiden M., Bokan H., Da Silva L.S., Greiner R., Pircher M, Pircher H.,
“Dynamic Effects of Railway Bridges for High Speed Usage: Application Example Steel-Composite Truss Bridge”
Proceedings IV Congresso de Construção Metálica e Mista 2004, Lisbon, pp
. 297-306

2003 Heiden M., Pircher M., Pircher H., Janjic D

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“Rolling Stock Analysis of Various Railway Bridges in Austria”
Proceedings: IABSE-Symposium 2003, Antwerp, pp

. 116-117